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Kasey Boles, Editor
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About Kasey

An avid reader since childhood, Kasey Boles has always been interested in the written language. Kasey earned her degree in California, emphasizing her studies on Biblical Languages (Greek and Hebrew), and developing a further mechanical understanding of the English language. In her decade and a half working in the real estate industry, much of it as a Managing Broker, she has continued to develop an analytical and discerning eye for editing and proofreading reports, contracts, and files. Drawing on her natural grasp of narrative, Kasey added editing fiction to her expertise as a Senior Editor at Fiction Vortex, Inc. Regardless of its function—be it business, fiction, or non-fiction—Kasey is passionate, almost to a fault, about refining any project into the best version possible. Kasey lives in the Treasure Valley in Idaho with her husband, two kids, and dog.

A Personal Recommendation from Mike Cluff

I strongly recommend Kasey for any editing or proofreading. It's almost as if her eyes have natural magnifying lenses that find any weak point in writing… and then she will not rest until she has annihilated those weaknesses. Now, don't think Kasey is mean—no, she is very professional, personable, and extremely easy to work with if you are a human. If you are a grammatical error… no amount of hiding will ever save you. She. Will. Find. You.

Mike Cluff

Michael Cluff is the Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief at Fiction Vortex, Inc.